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Unity Conference Feedback Evaluations:
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Comments from Unity People's Convention 2015
  • She is a Rock Star. Life changing. Have her every year.
  • Highly entertaining and invitation to learn. I wanted more.
  • Looking forward to more classes/seminars with Martha Creek.
  • Excellent.
  • Excellent.
  • Excellent!!
  • Great ability to present a tough subject.
  • Excellent!
  • Martha lovingly cuts right through to what matters. I so appreciate her work and way of being in the world. Beth Borlott(?)
  • Martha is great. (2—wonderful) (3—YEAH) (4—I want more.)
  • Thank you for being here!
  • Excellent flow and rapport with audience. I know by your presentation you have been in similar situations, walked the walk, talked the talk. Yeah! Go, Girl, go!
  • Great sense of humor. So much fun to learn with. • You are Self-differentiated. I love you. xoxox Therese
  • Wow – Thank you!
  • Thank you very much.
  • Loved presenter. Thank you.
  • Enjoyable and profound.
  • Excellent!
  • This is my first time hearing Martha. Awesome—empowering. Thank you!
  • Absolutely fantastic—humor, knowledge, sharing!!!
  • Outstanding!
  • Thank you, Martha! This session made the day worthwhile for me.
  • More days with her!
  • (1) Used condescending language in examples: “I need to know that you understand….” Music on boombox for energy shift interlude was not amplified sufficiently for the room.
  • Beyond excellent. Bring her back!!
  • Very informative. Thank you!•
  • Thank you. The best workshop I have attended at the conference. It hit “home,” and I walked away with what I want to work with in my life right now. Powerful awareness for me. (So appreciated this time with you.) (Thanks for the acceptance and authenticity.)
  • Love this!
  • M.C. calls each of us to higher personal responsibility and our “I-ness”. Our “process” is the thing that moves us toward greater clarity. Thank you!!!
  • I appreciate you!
  • Even as a psychologist, it was good to put it in context she has designed and a freeing experience.
  • Excellent—love that it focused on me vs. theory.
  • Great tools for self-regulation.
  • Great, Martha. Very easy to hear and feel. Want more.
  • Wonderful—very funny yet to the point!
  • Wonderful!
  • Valuable workshop!
  • This is a great practical toolbox for self-acceptance and to laugh. Thank you for the invitation. Love 90% worked on 10% pain – the work to do.
  • Make Martha the keynote in 2015!!
  • I would have preferred more practical work on the self and less of first part with the church slides.
  • A memorable, useful seminar for my life overall. Martha is changing the world, a seminar at a time, and I’m grateful and am motivated to help by working on myself.
  • Most examples were about church ministry, and I have an alternative ministry. I love your work and humor! I do love You! Thank you! C Jennings
  • ROCKS!
  • Enjoyed humor – brings points to mind quicker. Very thorough and knowledgeable—great sense of humor and gets her points across.
  • I love you!
  • Love your humor! Thank you. Great presentation—helpful and useable.
  • Excellent presentation. Thanks. It’s transformational.
  • Awesome presentation and new way of presenting, very humorous and loosening. Thank you so much.
  • Martha is an awesome speaker! I loved the workshop.
  • Truly appreciate Martha’s work – initiation.
  • Martha is awesome! Powerful! Deep AND humorous.
  • Very enjoying; great humor—got my inner attention!
  • Great!
  • Use of humor allows us to focus on our “stuff” with compassion and insight as we recognize our own possibility to grow and change.
  • Great, funny, informative and insightful.
  • EXCELLENT! Perfect as an afternoon speaker – she kept us engaged. Thank you
  • Excellent and joyful
  • There is nobody better. Thank you.
  • Fabulous! Great tools to use in own leadership.
  • Refreshing!
  • Clear, powerful, affirming, potentially life changing. I’m grateful for Martha!
  • I love Martha. She is so funny when being real. I enjoyed being tormented. Learning through laughter is a great method.
  • Martha is awesome!! Great material.
  • Excellent! Thanks, Martha!
  • Good stuff! Thanks!
  • Liked because funny and can relate.
  • It would have been great if Martha could have shared this as part of the Business Meeting.
  • Excellent! Of course, funny, but also deep!
  • Outstanding from start to finish!
  • Always inspiring me to aspire
  • Enlightened to a list of my new focus of my new evolving self…the I am that is within me. Wonderful work! I have been blessed by Martha.
  • Loved it! Thanks.
  • I love Martha Creek.
  • A++++ I can see why Martha was saved for late afternoon. She is vibrantly alive, interesting, informative, and kept us awake.
  • Wonderful, exciting.
  • Excellent teacher!
  • Excellent, effective, clear, profound and transformative.
  • The Best!
  • Great use of humor. Very real – no spiritual bypass here. I will consider the full workshop.
  • Enjoyed playful, relaxed approach to great material.
  • Very supportive, joyful, inspirational, and practical
  • Best I’ve heard and experienced on Life.
  • Have Martha back again and again, please. Excellent.
  • Thought-provoking
  • I found it challenging but very helpful. Humor was very helpful. Thanks so much – I’m sure I will be using all of it.
  • Great!
  • Awesome work
  • Excellent presenter of Truth!