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About Martha

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“I have been working with Martha for over 11 years.
I am inspired and supported through her continuous self work.
The last couple of years, I have had significant breakthroughs thanks to Martha's guidance and her own personal commitment to self realization. When I have been deeply stuck, she is the person I reach out to, to guide me back to mySELF. She doesn't join me in my hell, but shines the light on the truth in my heart, so that I can SEE my way out! Love you!!!!”

~ Michelle Pruitt
Co-Founder/Board President
Uplands PEAK Sanctuary

“Martha Creek is an enlightened being and passionate speaker who engages and facilitates an honest realization of who we truly are. Profoundly real and liberating, Martha walks her talk and challenges each of us to do the same.”
~ Rev. Greg Coles, M.Div.

“Martha's straight talk combined with sweet, southern style makes it possible for her to challenge you and make you feel glad she did. She has impacted many individual lives and congregations in a positive way. Our board found her training helpful and pleasant. She is equally comfortable with small groups or large, and no matter the setting she will be genuine, fun and worth hearing.”
~ Rev. Ron Fritts

“Martha Creek is a shape-shifter and shape-changer. She is a facilitator gifted with the ability to reach each individual speaking the same word and producing an infinite variety of effects. You think you are going for professional training only to find your entire personal paradigm transformed.

Her wisdom falls into the fertile field of your consciousness, and like a seed, may lie dormant for quite some time until the strong shoot of Truth is ready to break the surface. Well rooted, the growing plant-idea thrives and reaches maturity as you flower into purposeful, powerful living. Do not miss any opportunity to be with her!”
~ Rev. Linda Dominik

“This is to sing the praises of Martha Creek, teacher and facilitator of experience, extraordinaire. I have know Martha for nearly twenty years and as the former dean of Unity School of Religious Study, watched from the sidelines, her spiritual journey and her personal spiritual growth.

Martha is a no-nonsense, extremely expressive and articulate teacher of Truth and principle, and one who not only teaches Truth but lives what she teaches. Last year I had the opportunity to attend a group that Martha was facilitating and was "wowed" by her "command of a room", meaning the presence and sense of all is well that she brings to the moment.”

~ Rev. Toni G. Boehm, PhD.

“Martha is an excellent, engaging, and challenging trainer. She works within the Unity principles. She calls me and our board to a higher place in consciousness and into a greater functioning board. She has also taught our leadership concerning The Healthy Church Model. Martha, is loved by our leadership team and our congregation.”
~ Rev. Pat Williamson
Senior Minister
Unity Christ Church

“The stress level in Great Lakes Region's ministries has been measurably reduced since she began working with the churches here. Martha Creek has midwifed miracles in this and many other churches. She brings the work she has done on her own consciousness into a ministry and then opens the doors for each of us to do the same.”
~ Rev. Greg Barrette, Senior Minister
Unity Northwest Church, Des Plaines, IL

“Martha Creek is a straightforward, clear, and loving communicator who is sweet as honey; and who has the ‘sting’ of a honey bee when she delivers the facts that we need to hear and to know.”
~ Rev. Glenn Mosley
Unity Minister

"Martha's down home, bottom line, "what is is" way of being is a teacher to us all. Martha doesn't just own the knowledge, she is the knowledge!"
~Janet Bray Attwood
New York Times Bestseller - Co/author of The Passion Test

Martha Creek is a gentle leader/teacher with no agenda, other than her own, of course. That being kindness and compassion, unconditional love towards others. She’s among that elite group of good people who happily would march off to the gallows to spare an innocent soul. She is terribly and ridiculously funny and a religious scholar to boot. I love Martha and her ability to communicate highly practical tools for joyful living.
~ Barbara L. Morgenstern, Esq.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Rev. Martha Creek has created a beautiful mark on my being. As I have had the honor of working with her over many years, I can hear her voice deep within as I move throughout various life situations. She has taught me how to focus my thoughts to simplify and yet evaluate with depth and honest appraisal the inner messages being sent my way.

When a life challenge presents itself, Martha has taught me to go deep within myself for available resources and to consider options that are sometimes not obvious. I feel free to be myself in her presence and to explore without hesitation who I have come to this world to be. She encourages love in all forms and the exploration of a well lived life, facing every fear, turning every corner, and by all means, celebrating every moment.

I am eternally grateful for the teachings and the many phenomenal experiences that go beyond words. Enjoy this book and by all means, if you have the chance to meet and work with Martha in person, get on board.

~ Noell Rowan, PhD
Louisville, KY

Martha is passionate about serving and the enrichment of consciousness. I have never seen anyone work with ministries more successfully than Martha. She is universally trusted and honored as a leader in the healing process. Her entire teaching supports you to be on purpose in living the principles that Unity teaches.
~ Rev. Margee Grounds
Lake Havasu City, AZ

Martha shares herself in a vulnerable, authentic manner through her first hand personal experiences, which allows us to foster a deeper experience of self realization. She creates an environment of love, trust and acceptance so each person feels safe to experiment with truth principles themselves. Martha is incredible and you will be blessed in her presence.
~ Rev. Felicia Searcy
Murfreesboro, TN

One of the things I personally value most in Martha is her ability to be direct and honest in the most compassionate way, and she never presumes. She is a clear thinker, able to connect with her audience while being authentic and true to herself. She demonstrates openness and acceptance. In the process of teaching, she is willing to learn in every moment. She certainly delivers lots of content and information, but she does it so that her readers and listeners can get it and internalize it. She engages innate wisdom and intelligence so that the learning is exponential. And she's funny! Her honesty helps us accept and laugh at our own absurdities.
~ Rev. Marty Newman
Cleveland, OH

Whether it is as a teacher, trainer, leader, writer or in some other capacity, your experience of Martha Creek is certain to be sincere and filled with compassion, integrity, efficiency, knowledge and enthusiasm. Martha does not know how to do anything halfway, and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is a born leader and a powerful and knowledgeable business person. I have found her wisdom invaluable in my personal and professional life.
~ Lin Schussler-Williams
Louisville, KY

The highlight of our conference was Martha Creek. She is AMAZING! There was a heart-felt standing ovation --- people were so touched and inspired by the quality of her teachings.

This is a sample of glowing remarks and feedback with comments about Martha, "The time just flew by", "I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!", "This was so valuable, it exceeded my expectations." "She is absolutely delightful!” "I appreciated how she stayed interactive throughout." "Where does she get all her energy?" "She is the most credible person I've ever heard on this topic."

What makes it so phenomenal is that Martha offers something that people need and want, in her down-home, and fun style. She models her teachings.

~ Susan EngPoole
Louisville, KY

To have an experience of Martha is to let your heart sigh. Martha has the innate ability to hold your heart and sometimes your hand as she leads you back to yourself - your own wisdom, your own integrity. She does not pretend… to be someone other than she is or to have all the answers, especially YOUR answers. Martha goes to whatever extent, in her realm of possibilities, to cut thru the false belief systems that are holding any of us back from our own internal, divinely appointed freedom. And she does this with the ease, grace and unconceivable love.
~ Diane Czerwonka, a life forever changed

If there is one thing you can do to create more joy and peace in your organization, it would be to bring Martha Creek to your people. Martha is gifted like few others are. She is funny, smart, and the most real person you’ll ever meet. She motivates and inspires people to get real, look at things with fresh eyes, and find how empowered they already are.

In our church, the mere mention of her name causes people to light up and lighten up. She has helped me personally overcome so much stress in my life, and she has helped our leaders become more centered, more direct with each other, and more skillful at managing challenges. They already ask when she’s coming back. Do whatever you can to put yourself in a room with this woman and find yourself transformed. I have.
~ Rev. Elizabeth Mora

Her retreats are life-changing. Seriously!
~ Beth C.

Martha, you are one of the strongest assets we have in the Unity movement today. Your development of leadership and health in our ministries is critical to who we are becoming. I have just attended two regional conferences and I can attest to how much respect and appreciation the movement holds for you. I am very grateful for you and I know I speak for countless others.
~ Rev. Patricia Bass

"There are few people in my life, that when I meet them, I have an instant recognition of authenticity, depth of knowing and pure love. I call these people “the real deal.” Martha is the real deal. If you have the opportunity to be in her orbit, I heartfully encourage you to give yourself the gift of Martha. Big love”.
~ Rev. Jude Campbell

There are many excellent teachers on the planet; however, there are not as many true master teachers. When a master teacher shows up in your life, learn as much as you can. We have had Martha for four years. Our congregation continues to grow in a healthy way. Three Unity congregations gather. We have all of our leadership teams gather from 4-8:30 on a Friday night with a beautiful share a dish. Our boards meet the next day for training. One of the churches has Martha for their service and an afternoon workshop. Every learning style benefits. Investing in Healthy Congregations training is a wise investment for yourself and your people.
~ Rev. Marge Brown

“Martha continues to bring her considerable spiritual practice and profound experience into the teaching and facilitation of whatever she is doing! Martha is a blessing to any group or congregation.”
~ Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson (RCA)
Senior Minister

Martha Creek is the most authentic,100% real deal, walks her talk Spiritual Teacher & Leader I know. She is committed to her own spiritual evolution and leads others, including me, by example. Her passion to "serve those who serve" has been invaluable to me personally and professionally. Her influence on my journey has been a blessing to those I serve. ~
~ Ric Beattie, Spiritual Leader & Pastor, Unity of Royal Oak

Martha Creek is the clearest, funniest, most honest and generous, not to mention the smartest spiritual teacher I have ever encountered. I have experienced Martha as a three time presenter at our Unity Canada regional conference and at my ministry where her workshop had a profound impact. Martha is walking her talk and is a huge blessing to me personally and to our movement.
~ Rev. Roxanne Buckle, Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa

"Unity on the Bay has a love affair with Martha Creek! It began a couple of years ago when myself and some of our staff attended her program in Ft. Lauderdale. We were then privileged to have her spend a day with our Board and staff and another day with our congregation. Both experiences found us laughing at our shadows and crying in our love. Her embracing yet confronting spirit has brought us deep inner growth and a greater bond of mutual respect and love. She has become an annual reward for us that we all look forward to and we're deeply grateful for her astounding presence as part of our community."
~ Rev. Chris Jackson, Senior Minister, Unity on the Bay - Miami, FL


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