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Prosperity Practices

June 2018

I recently attended an Edwene Gaines Retreat in Valley Head, AL on my migration north from Florida in April. I’ve learned a lot from Edwene’s BIG ONES over the last 20 years -- “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”. Just as I typed this, I realized I approach these as practices, not necessarily laws. So bingo! There’s my next expanded iteration of my own “practices”. BUCKLE UP!

Four Spiritual Laws of prosperity  1. Tithing 2.  Forgiveness  3.  Passion  4. Planning

Tithing carries a great deal of baggage for most people. I’m not here to tell you what to believe about tithing. I am interested in breaking through my own prosperity blocks, examining core beliefs, adaptations from family of origin beliefs and practices and powerfully exploring new territory and possibilities for expansion/increase.

What is tithing? It depends on who you ask? Perhaps!!! It’s giving 10% of all money you receive back to Source/Life/God. It was originally given, received, mandated in accordance with Bible interpretations, religious and political laws. These days, more generally, I believe we tithe to the individuals or organizations who provide us with spiritual nourishment: those who help us learn about spirit, or remind us of who we are.

Why tithe? Would love to hear your answers? The quotes below outline a few responses I received while preparing the newsletter.

Here’s Dave Ramsey take on tithing and his answers to commonly asked questions:

For me, it’s a way of giving abundant, joyful thanks to Source/God/Life/Creator/Universe. Gratitude is a great way to live for me, and I consider it the GIANT key to my prosperous living. Giving/Tithing is then an expression from abundance, plenty, overflow, fullness, wholeness not muddled up in shame, blame, guilt, pressure and seeking. It is personal and very close to my heart. AND apparently it is a “law” of some kind. ☺

In God We Trust

Speaking of GIANT keys — Forgiveness is my other one. What about forgiveness? Well, you probably know that forgiveness is more about you than the person you are hurt by or annoyed at. Unforgiveness is like poking yourself in the eye and wondering why it doesn’t hurt the person you’re not forgiving. Or like drinking poison expecting the other to die. The problem is that while you are stuck in unforgiveness, you are blocking the flow of prosperity and blessing in your life. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean that you make what they do okay; or give them permission to hurt or abuse you; or condone what happened. It does mean that you aren’t spending any more of your precious time, creativity, attention and life force energy focused on feeling hurt, indignant or wronged by something you can’t change. “My favorite part of the past is that it’s over.” —Byron Katie

Should you begin this spiritual practice or broaden your forgiveness bandwidth, start by forgiving everyone in your family, at work, friends, relationships and for sure forgive God (or your concept of God) for hurting, ignoring, or abandoning you; forgive yourself for any hurts you have caused to another, or any self-sabotage in your own life.

“Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping taught me to get a new framework around painful things that happened. Say, “Even though I cannot understand how or why this happened or had to happen, I’m no longer willing to be bound by it”. I free mySELF. Forgiving it all — no matter what the reason.

These hurts, pains, grudges, etc. are going to be like potatoes rotting and smelling, weighing down our mind, body, soul, spirit. So systematically, unload! Journey Within weekends are fantastic opportunities to deepen this critical “practice” and align with law. Join me anytime. for details.

Giving, Growing, and Sharing

The third law is PASSION! What are you passionate about? Do more of those things. What drags you down, bums you out, leaks your creative, mental, spiritual energy? Do less of those things.

Here are 8 quits that my committed yearlong group have taken on this year. Are you willing to QUIT some things for your own liberation/freedom - Prosperity?

Quits -- From The Emotionally Healthy Woman by Geri Scazzero

1) Quit Being Afraid of What Others Think

Anchor your wholeness in the love of God/Creator. Quit relying on the approval and acknowledgment of others for your sense of self-worth.

2) Quit Lying

Live truly free to unrelenting honesty with yourself, God and others. Quit pretending everything is fine, when it is not and change your life.

3) Quit Dying by Doing the Wrong Things

Receive the many gifts God has provided for you that nurture and delight your soul. Quit postponing those things that bring you life.

4) Quit Denying Anger, Sadness and Fear

Embrace your God-given humanity by paying attention to your “difficult” emotions and discerning how God wants to come to you through them. Quit ignoring feelings and quit letting feelings run your show.

5) Quit Blaming anyone for anything — including yourSELF

Take responsibility for your own life and happiness. Quit giving away your God given personal freedom and power.

6) Quit Over-Functioning

Don’t do for others what they could and should do for themselves. Quit trying to control people and situation.

7) Quit Faulty Thinking

Choose to live in reality and truth rather than with distorted thinking. Quit making assumptions and telling yourselves myths/lies that will leave you powerless and in unnecessary pain and stress.

8) Quit Living Someone Else’s Life

Take up the challenge of living your God-given, unique, unrepeatable, life and destiny. Quit allowing others to pressure you into trying to be something God didn’t design you to be. Quit pressuring others to be something different.

What fills you with focus, joy and excitement? That is a great indicator of what you are here to accomplish, be, and experience. Follow your own passions, interests, goals, values, convictions, and callings. You don’t have to explain them, justify them, or explain them to anyone else. Your passions are sufficient in themselves.

The final law is planning. Many people don’t move in the direction of their interests and passion with a plan or don’t follow through on their plans. The universe does everything with precision and order; the more we can do that also, the more easily and completely we experience what we desire in our lives. Planning involves focusing on what you want, thinking about it, talking about it, feeling your way into it, imagining the presence of that goal in your life, and doing things toward results for that goal. It requires that we continually access where we are in the course of the plan and re-align in powerful and sensible ways.

Planning is identifying what you desire, and committing to the steps required to get there. If you had endless time and money, what would you be doing with your life? If you were to project yourself into the future, what would you want to be doing in two years? Or five years? Or ten years? Or by the end of your life? What will you DO today in that direction?

Let me know how your Prosperity increases. Let me know what “dreams” you have, what you’re “doing” to create, what you’ve let go, and where you are spiritually fed. I delight in your new expansion and depth.

I love you,

Martha Creek

Martha Creek

P.S. There is still spaces for the Spectacular Scenic National Parks tour 7/12 – 7/26/2018. Many opportunities for “hooking” up with me in workshops, retreats and passionate, dream making, miracle making ways.

My Special Gift to You

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“I give because I am grateful for what I’ve been given. I give to create, increase and expand in all facets of consciousness — physical, mental, emotional, financial.”
~ Martha Creek

“Giving is a blessing in my human life and gives me the opportunity to promulgate the Spiritual knowledge and understandings that I have been fortunate to embody in consciousness in order to assist others in their own spiritual evolution of consciousness.”
~ Dr. Angelo Pizelo, Dean/Founder Emerson Institute

“Giving to the source of my spiritual food opens multiple gateways to a greater backflow of financial prosperity from the Universe.”
~ Rev. Dr. Melissa Higginbotham, Affiliated New Thought Board Secretary & Retired Lieutenant Colonel

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