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mother's Day 2018

Mother's Day

May 2018

I found myself walking up to greeting card displays for Mother’s Day several times lately. The first time or two, it just really struck me that I won’t be sending a card this year. It is the first Mother’s Day with momma in another dimension. The last time or two I walked up to the card displays, I allowed myself to read them, peruse, remember, think about what I would say to her, shop for a card so to speak, without purchasing. While doing so, it was as though my mind opened and I realized how limited my world was believing that “mother’s day” was only for one mother. Not true — Mother’s Day is for all people. Humans who “mother” others, naturally and in uncommonly motivated ways. Mothering that requires stamina, resilience, purpose, intention, and grace beyond anything we can understand from this dimension. My heart opened when my mind did. I was able to see the ways I mother; the ways I am mothered by many — both genders; the ways the youth in my life mother to me, hugging, nurturing, sharing and providing; the ways life itself mothers me; and the ways the divine presence infinitely mothers me. I am unspeakably grateful for my momma, all she provided, taught, demonstrated, shared, created, and made possible for my soul’s progression. I am even more grateful that my relationship with her is actually eternal and infinite, not just in theory. Unexpected Grace.

I purchased some Mother’s Day cards for women in my life who I wanted to thank and acknowledge as mothers and went about my business. I hear from people routinely how much hearing about momma’s life journey, her illness and death, and the ways we integrated living and dying benefits them in profound ways. I am grateful for this of course and I am hopeful that all we learn is applied for a strong foundation for each of our continuing life’s journey. Oh, and by the way — send some flowers to someone you love WHILE they are alive.


Momma’s house sold straight away. Spidey was adopted by the social worker angel and is reported as doing fine with his new companion. I drove by the house on my way back from Florida winter and the flower beds are even fuller than they were. Unexpected Grace. Proof of life filling itself in abundantly. I don’t have any roots down myself. My PO Box 1081, Louisville, KY 40201 still reaches me wherever I am. I travel 100% of the time, stay in hotels, with friends and family, and retreat centers. I operate out of my car which will be parked a majority of the summer as I fly from Bugtussle to Canada, Michigan, North Carolina, California, Missouri, Kansas, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, and and and...


May this Mother’s Day month of May — full of life, spring, honoring, graduations, memorial day celebrations, Kentucky Derby, and many many of my close Gemini friends, birthdays be beyond your dreams of blessings, color and beauty, and completely free of SNOW/ICE. One of mine and momma’s traditions for Mother’s Day was a tour of the local iris farm. We would spend hours walking through, taking photos and tryin’ our best to have a favorite. It couldn’t be done. See how you do with it. Click here for your Iris tour.

I hold momma and you in my heart in greater and greater ways. Appreciating what I’ve been blessed with and looking forward to what comes. I’m excited about the upcoming events I get to facilitate and invite you to prioritize yourSELF in finding a retreat or renewal time somewhere and someplace. I would love it to be with me. Check out the calendar below for weekend RETREAT opportunities in Wilimington, NC, Jupiter, FL, Louisville, KY, Unity Village, MO, New York City/Connecticut, as well as many weekend workshops and presenting appearances.


There is still some spaces to join in for our summer Spectacular National Parks tour on July 12–26. Check out calendar for details. We get to see 8 states, 13 cities in 15 nights. Immersed in scenic beauty, surrounded by friends and be served by a tour company experience.


Live now, full out, one day will be “the day”.

With love and appreciation AND the biggest of all hugs,

Martha Creek

Martha Creek

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“Mothering me is my job. No one else can do it according to my specifications.”
~ Martha Creek

“Mother yourself, for your own sake.”
~ Byron Katie

“Flowers are better received while alive.”
~ Virginia Creek, aka Blue Eyes

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