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Martha's view of the world is simple:
"Go Within or Go Without --
Love is all there is!"

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Christ Unity Church
Feb. 1, 2015

Spirituality Rocks TV
Jan. 15, 2015

Unity of Wilmington

Unity Village Chapel

Healthy Congregations Campaign

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God As Reality—Martha Creek 8/17/14

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Begin Within...

The journey we are called to take is the journey within. Welcome home to yourSelf and to Martha's world. Martha is about self realization and the subsequent peace. The journey to and toward peace is within. What would you give / do for a peaceful life and mind? "Come on in" as you explore Martha's site. "Come on in" and realize truth and free yourSelf. "... and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." - Luke 8:32 (NSRV)

Where in the world is Martha? Consult the schedule of events below for classes, workshops, retreats, weekends and speaking engagements. Contact Martha if you would like to invite her to your area.

Click on the event title for more information about the event, as well as to register.

Upcoming Events in April

April 20 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation
April 24 Unity Northwest Region in Portland, OR


May 3 Unity of Louisville Guest Speaker and Workshop
May 11 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE --- Good Debt/Bad Debt/Debt Payoff
May 15–17 Journey Within Self Discovery Weekend - Indianapolis
May 18 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


June 8 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Working Hard for Money?
June 14 Self Differentiated Living and Leading Santa Fe
June 22 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


July 12 Living in Joy -- Loving What Is -- "The Work" - Chicago Area
July 13 Financial Freedom Workshop --FREE --- Tithing Defined/Spiritual Sources
July 15 Peace of Mind Fast Track -- How to be calm when others are not - Chicago area
July 18 Self Differentiated Living and Leading Chicago area
July 20 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation
July 24–26 Journey Within Self Discovery Weekend -- Chicago Area


August 6–7 Healthy Congregations Facilitator Training - Cincinnati, OH area
August 10 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Surviving vs. Thriving
August 13–14 Healthy Congregations Facilitator Training - Bay City, MI
August 15 Self Differentiated Living and Leading Bay City, MI
August 16 No more Shame, Blame or Guilt Workshop
August 17 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


September 14 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Financial Plan
September 19 Self Differentiated Living and Leading Portand, ME
September 20 Living Shame, Guilt and Blame Free -- Loving What Is - Doing "The Work" Portland, ME
September 21 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


October 12 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Generosity/Giving Like No Other
October 26 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


November 9 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Gratitude
November 23 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation


December 14 Financial Freedom Workshop -- FREE -- Gifting
December 14 FREE TELECLASS - Self Differentiation